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Cretan Diptam Dost
(Origanum dictamnus)


The Diptam-Dost belongs to the family of the labiate family. The herb is therefore a member of a very rich family of herbs, including sage, thyme, rosemary or savory.


In the closer relationship, the Diptam-Dost belongs to the genus Dostgewächse or Doste (bot. Origanum). This genus includes more than 40 species, which include the oregano and the marjoram in addition to the diptam dost.


In terms of taste, Diptam-Dost can be classified between marjoram and oregano, with which it is botanically related. Diptam-Dost tastes stronger than oregano and comes very close to marjoram with its slightly peppery note.

As a seasoning herb, the Cretan diptam is therefore suitable for hearty meals such as fried potatoes or spicy egg dishes and Mediterranean-style stews.


The Cretan diptam forms pink to slightly violet flowers during the flowering period (August to early October), which have the shape typical of labiate flowers. Hop-like fruit heads then develop from the flowers.


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essential oils (citral; geraniol; pinene; caryophyllene; camphor; limonene)
Polyphenolic acids
Flavonoids (including artemitin; hesperidin)



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