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Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)


The plant, which originates from the Middle East, is grown today in Europe, North Africa and America. As a bee pasture (Greek "melissa" means bee) it was already highly valued by the Romans.

The plant sprouts square stems from a perennial rootstock in spring, which can be up to 1 m high and die again in autumn. The leaves are ovate, serrate and hairy on top.

Lemon balm contains essential oils that not only smell like lemons, but also keep viruses at bay. It also has a calming effect, stimulates brain activity and strengthens memory.

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Zitronen Melisse KK-04-076-min.jpg

Lemon balm



essential oils (geraniol; nerol; linalool; citral; caryophylene; thymol), caffeic acid
Hydroxycinnamic acid
Tannins (rosmarinic acid),
Bitter substances, resins

Mucilage, vitamin C.

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