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Quality and availability of goods


We select only the best herbs for you from the rich variety available.

Almost every herb has its own endemic habitat, so the location and microclimate is one of the first criteria we take into account when making our selection.

If the organoleptic tests and analyses are satisfactory, only then do we offer them to you. 


As you buy directly from the producer, precise traceability of the goods is guaranteed. Retained samples from each batch are archived by the producer.


Forward-looking reservation/ordering of batches... farmers planning security and guarantees you guaranteed availability. You buy directly from the field.

Sideritis scardica fields Othris Mountai
Thyme harvest-min.jpg
Thyme harvest Crete-min.jpg
Cistus fields-min.jpg

The produce we offer comes from organic farming and directly from our farmers' fields.

The produce we offer is untreated organic raw produce. It is properly stored by the producer. 

The packaging of the goods is designed for safe transport, thus providing the best possible protection against contamination during transport.


Convince yourself of the quality of the goods. 
We will provide you with free samples.

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