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Farmer Georgios of Magnesia, Mount Othris, Central Greece

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At the foot of the Orthris mountain , in central Greece, on the Aegean, the Georgios family has been growing herbs for 3 generations. Father, son and grandson, they all still work together and help one another.


Each generation brings its valuable capital: the grandfather the wisdom of his experience in the field, the father his skills in planting and the understanding of all the needs of managing a company and the son with his professional knowledge as a qualified agronomist.


The cultivation of the herbs starts at the foothills of the mountain, for crops like chamomile, and continues up to an altitude of 1100 m, for crops like oregano and Greek mountain tea, sideritis, which grow naturally at this altitude.


Most crops are not irrigated, with the exception of calendula and lemon verbena.


The family was among the first producers in Greece to be certified organic.


Their production consists of: Origanum vulgare hirtum, Thymus vulgaris, Thymus capitatus, Sideritis scardica, Sideritis raeseri, marjoram, lemon verbena, chamomile, mint, sage (Salvia officinalis and fruticosa), Calendula officinalis and rosemary.



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tea grandma-min.jpg
tea pgrandpa-min.JPG
Sideritis scardica fields Othris Mountai
tea harvest 1-min.JPG
sideritis harvest mylona
Thyme Othris Mountain-min.jpg
Chamomile harvest-min.jpg
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