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Nikos, the Saffron Farmer from Kozani

Kozani is the only and most famous growing region in Greece for this valuable plant: Crocus sativus .


There is a village complex in Kozani Prefecture where saffron finds its ideal environment to grow.

The cultivation and above all the harvest and drying of the stamens requires very careful and sensitive handling as well as great knowledge and experience.


All of this can be found at our saffron grower, Mr Nikos, who started growing saffron in 1974 and has been producing organic Crocus sativus of the highest quality ever since.


For the past 10 years, his three children have returned to their village after finishing their studies to continue their father's cultivated legacy.


The saffron from Nikos are cataloged under 08..

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Bestäubung der Blüte
frisch geerntete Safranblüten
Safranblüte nach dem Regen
2 Safranblüten
getrockneter safran.jpg

Separate the saffron threads from the flowers

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