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Farmer Nikos from Paphos, Cyprus

Nikos is an agronomist and, together with his father, a well-known pharmacologist and professor, has been practising organic farming at the foot of the Troodos Mountains on the island of Cyprus for 30 years.

The unique territory of the region, the Paphos forest, is the ideal home for species such as the Origanum Dubium, which is native to Cyprus and grows mainly there. The plantations are certified organic.

The exceptional organoleptic properties of their production are due to the fact that

All their plantations are not irrigated, so the plants are forced to protect themselves with the essential oils they produce.

Without irrigation, yields are lower and the risk of crop failure increases.

Nikos' family grows the following herbs: Cistus creticus, Origanum dubium, Origanum marjorana, Satureja thymbra, Salvia fruticosa and Salvia rosmarinus 

All herbs from Nikos are catalogued under 03... 

You can find them on the overview tea herbs & overview +  aromatic herbs

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Majoram cyprus-min.jpg
Neue Majoran Ernte in Zypern steht an!.j
Cistus flower-min.jpg
Nikos Cistusfeld in Zypern.jpg
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