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Farmer Andreas & Nektarios from Crete, Lasithi, Sitea

Andreas & Nektarios took over their parents' farm. Even as children, they had a close connection to the herbs they grew up with. Even as children, they learned how to cultivate and plant the diverse local herbs under the guidance of their parents.

Andreas & Nektarios joined forces and cultivate the herbs in Lasithi, Sitea, in the northeast of Crete.

In the vicinity of their fields are archaeological sites from Minoan times, a Minoan settlement with a burial ground.

The microclimate in this barren maquis suits the cultivation of herbs. Proximity to the sea, Mediterranean brown earth and terra rossa soil, balanced temperatures, lots of sun are the home of many herbs. Crete is a unique herbal paradise! 

The flowering season of the herbs begins as early as the end of February, and the air is saturated with a wide variety of herbal scents. The mild but intense scent of oregano mixes with the strong, floral scent of cistus. And many other fragrant herbs, such as mint, thyme, sage or rosemary, try to reduce evaporation by excreting their essential oils.

Andreas & Nektarios grow the following herbs (also for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics):

Eucalyptus, real laurel, basil, marjoram, oregano onites, lemon verbena, marigold, artemisia, real chamomile, polei mint, diptame dost, real sage, rockrose, mountain savory, real thyme, rosemary and olive leaves.


All herbs from Andreas & Nektarios are cataloged under 07...

You can find them on the overview of tea herbs & overview of aromatic herbs





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Dictam-Jungpflanzen im Januar
Dictamnus Februar 21-min.jpg
Thyme harvest Crete-min.jpg
Thyme harvest-min.jpg
Andreas Kimisis zeigt blühendern Cistus. Februar 2021
Cistus fields-min.jpg
Blooming thyme Crete-min.jpg
Dictamnus, die ersten zaghaften Blüten
Oregano Onites .jpg
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