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Inhaber von Montis Coryfes

 We used to be organic farmers and grew organic herbs here in northern Greece.


We know the conditions under which herbs of the best quality are grown.

The growing area, microclimate and soil conditions are important criteria.

Our organic herbs are grown by farmer friends throughout Greece and Cyprus. 

We know where their herbs are grown and how they are processed.


All the herbs we offer are regularly tested organoleptically and by means of analyses.


Convince yourself of the quality of our herbs - we will be happy to send you samples free of charge.

You buy your products directly from our producers. We support you with everything to do with your order and the transport of your goods.

It is important to us to make these unique herbs, some of which are endemic, available to people outside Greece. In organic premium quality.


Bernhard & Nikolia Schickl

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