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Inhaber von Montis Coryfes

We only offer you herbs and teas in organic premium quality.

We - formerly organic farmers ourselves - know the conditions under which herbs of the best quality are grown.  

Cultivation area, microclimate, soil conditions, to name just a few, are important criteria.

Our organic farmers, with whom we work closely, meet these criteria.
We know the growing areas of their herbs very well, as well as their further processing.

All of the herbs we offer are regularly checked organoleptically and by means of analyses.

Only when all quality criteria are met do we offer them for sale.

Convince yourself of the quality of our herbs - we would be happy to send you meaningful samples free of charge.

We buy the organic herbs from our farmers and offer them today on the European market.

We visit our farmers several times a year, and our constant contact has strengthened our personal and business ties.

Together with our colleagues and friends Christos Kavounis - agricultural engineer - and his wife Kalliopi, it is important to us to make these unique, sometimes endemic herbs accessible to people outside Greece. In organic premium quality.


Bernhard & Nikolia Schickl

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