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Greek basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Purple basil (Ocimum basilicum purpureum)


The basil is one of the most famous and popular aromatic plants. The high proportion of essential oils, especially in the leaves, makes it an indispensable spice for many Mediterranean and Asian dishes.
The taste of the red basil is like the green basil
The red basil is a variant of the "normal" green basil and, like this, belongs to the lip flower family.
The purple basil differs from the green basil in its color and in the shape of the leaves, which are more toothed than those of the green basil.
Due to its special color, the red basil is an eye-catcher for many dishes. The red basil is used for Mediterranean dishes, cocktails and salads, among other things.



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Purple basil

GR-Olympos, Litochoro


Greek basil

GR-Olympos, Litochoro


essential oils (linalool; estragole; methylchavikol; ocimen; cineole)
Caffeic acid
Rosmarinic acid
Ursolic acid


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