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Saffron (Crocus sativus), from Kozani

Saffron (from Arabic / Persian za'farān) is a crocus that loves fog and cooler locations. In autumn it blooms violet for three days; the flowers are then picked as early as possible in the day so that the delicate pistil threads are exposed to the sun as little as possible. The ideal harvest time is when the flowers are not yet fully open.


Immediately afterwards, only the three fine, red pistils are plucked out by hand. They are strongly aromatic, have an immense smell and were already traded in ancient times as a valuable spice, but also as a coloring agent.


Storage: Saffron must be stored away from light, moisture and heat. Best in tightly fitting glass containers in a cool place.

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harvest 2023

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Carotene and crocin, essential oils:

Terpenes, terpene alcohols, esters, consisting of
from Pinin, among others,
Vitamins like thiamine - vitamin B1
Riboflavin - Vitamin B 2
as well as flavonoid

Saffron, threads

GR, Kozani Central Greece

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