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Exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids  increased greatly. In collaboration with our farmers, we pay great attention to this topic ...

... everything starts in the field.


In organic fields, the weeds are weeded and not, as usual, with  Plant remedies eliminated. And these weeds can contain PAs.

It is up to the grower to identify weeds in good time that are native to his growing region and to weed them meticulously at the right time before harvest. This is manual work.

It is therefore possible that an entire supply of herbs can be contaminated with PAs by a single accidentally harvested PA plant.


The harvested crop also needs to be selected again before further processing and drying, the famous needle in the haystack must be found!

Expensive PA analysis for herbs will be in the future
may also be necessary - for the smallholder this means additional costs.

Further information can be found on this linked page:
Association of the Spice Industry eV

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