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Our farmers, their homes and their herbs.

We would like to take you on a journey to show you where

our herbs grow and who grows and harvests them.

A lot has happened in the last few years. The bureaucracy

and the financial requirements had so far prevented many farmers from growing their herbs and teas in organic farming.

That changed noticeably in the last few years, the younger generation moved up, mostly the sons and daughters of the

previously mentioned farmers took over the agriculture

her parents, who have a degree in agricultural management, are endowed with a good knowledge.

The farmer here in Greece cultivates manageable areas in sustainable bkA, which is the result also means corresponding harvest quantities.

But this is also a great opportunity to produce high-quality goods.

And we offer these goods to you.

The selection is made together with our agronomist Mr. Christos Kavounis. According to quality criteria, defined by organoleptic parameters and content analyzes.


We know from our own experience how tough the job of growing herbs is, what costs are involved in growing the herbs and what prices are the basis for successful and economical cultivation of organic herbs.

That is why it is natural for us to pay the prices required by the farmers and set by them ... without haggling and without bargaining ...


... in the interests of all of us.

The farmer can therefore continue to use his herbs in the usual, good quality in the years to come
for us - for you and for your customers grow and offer to us.

On the following pages you will find everything in detail about our farmers, their homes and their herbs.

We are currently in the process of sifting through the photos and information from our other farmers.

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