Before we set out our tea plantation in the spring of 2016 we spent years optimizing the cultivation of Sideritis on several small test plots.
With the kind scientific support of the Kavala Chamber of Commerce in Thessaloniki we successfully completed our testing phase.
Both soil analyses and the location of our plantations attest optimal conditions for the planting of Siderits scardica.
Being a native plant it grows wild on our mountains and is a protected species as in wide sections of Greece. Hence, Sideritis scardica may only be collected in small portions and for personal need.
All our plantation sites are completely covered by water- and air-permeable weed control fabric in order to prevent both soil dehydration and the growth of weed.

Accordingly, the contamination of the plants by soil particles due to rainy weather can be excluded.


When it comes to Cistus we have been conducting a three-year-long study of all areas located on the Symbolos slopes facing the sea, the Pangeon and our off-shoreisland Thassos in order to make out suitable harvest areas.In so doing we had the chance to study the plant in its natural environment and to recognize its needs.

It is our ambition to work in accordance with nature.

and the Story Behind

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