Comparing Organic-Cistus Standard to Organic Cistus Premium

Standard: Cistus incanus, chopped. Often with

a high amount of stalks.

High amounts of stalks cause a woody overtone

and lead to a reddish-yellow colour of the infusion.

Moreover, a study (cited here in one of its core

statements) has proven that

„(...) when examining the tea herbs high portions of leaves or low portions of stalks, respectively,

lead to significantly higher concentrations of

phenolic substances in the ready-to-drink C.

incanus infusion (...)“


Cistus incanus, chopped, with a high portion of stalks results in an impaired quality of taste and colour. Moreover, it also contains significantly less polyphenols.

Premium: For the reasons given we offer our organic Cistus incanus as loose leaf tea* with only a very small amount of stalks. Various sieving methods during the processing of our Cistus incanus ensure this special quality.

*On order to avoid an untimely evaporating of essential oils being valuable ingredients we store our Cistus as a sheet product and not in a chopped version. 

High amount of polyphenols, no woody overtone
and a golden yellow colour mark out  the eminent quality of our Cistus incanus.

Our loose leaf tea is the ideal basis –

perfectly suited for your premium

commodity „chopped“ or „rubbed“. Or

just leave it as loose leaf tea.

Pict. from left to right: The first 3 infusions are made from wooden chopped commodity. The (unbrewed) tea herbs on the plates in the middle row reflect the wooden portion in their brownish colour. Accordingly. the colour of the infusion is reddish-yellow, the taste strongly reminds of wood. The sediments as shown on the plates in the lowest row display only small volume because of the high amount of wooden parts. The 4th infusion is made from our organinic premium loose leaf tea. The plate under the infusion shows green loose leaf tea with a very small amount of wooden parts. Accordingly, the infusion's colour is golden yellow, the taste is typically Cistus – harsh and fresh. The corresponding sediments on the lowest plate show considerable volume as the basis for this infusion is mainly loose leaf tea.

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