Greek Mountain Tea, Sideritis scardica, whole

We offer 3 variants of our Greek mountain tea Sideritis scardica:

Siderits, whole
Up from a certain length the whole plant is used with mature umbel, stalk and leaf (see video).

Sideritis, short
Selection comprises plants with mature umbel, only few leaves and a small part of the stalk (see next pages).

Sideritis, chopped
For this version solely the above mentioned Sideritis, short is used (see next pages).
All 3 variants are high-quality organic products and share
the same quality characteristics.

Our premium products meet the following quality standards:

 harvest cut manually
picked, assorted and multi-controlled

to a maximum length of 25 cm (Sideritis, whole)

 free of dust, soil particles and weed as the plantation
sites are covered with weed control fabric


organic cultivation, provably free of pesticide pollution etc.

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