The difference.

Der Unterschied was Premiumware ausmacht.

Cistus: Harvest is characterized by arduously collecting the plants in the rough mountainous areas during the hottest hours of day. This is the only way to ensure a
maximum of active agents within the crop; only at high temperatures both resins and polyphenols along with other agents rise to the leaves.

Due to quality reasons we store our Cistus only as a sheet and not in chopped version (see also..). This requires several selection processes (manual selection as well as screening) of the crop. Leaves become thoroughly separated from woody stalks by means of several working steps. Accordingly, our yield is considerably cut down as compared to usual processing methods.

Cistus loose leaf tea comes with a highly distinct and strong taste, with no woody flavour viciating the tart and fresh taste of the infusion. The dried herbs present themselves in a natural green. Due to the reduced portion of woody stalks the infusion has a higher yield and comes with a clean golden colour.

When compared to other variants the loose leaf tea's essential oils have a considerably slower evaporation rate. This results in a higher yield and extended

Sensory comparisons have confirmed Sideritis scardica as well as Cistus incanus premium quality.

The production of premium quality goods requires enhanced time-consuming and cost-intensive processes. Premium quality goods add to the overall
range of goods and mark an alternative for quality-conscious consumers.


As a producer of organic premium goods, it is our concern to make the difference between

conventional organic goods


organic premium goods

to describe.

We only produce organic premium goods.

The Bio-Label has no significance for the content quality of a product, the Bio-Label only guarantees a non-contaminated with pesticides and other pollutants.

The enjoyment value, ie the sensory quality of a bio-product, has to meet many other criteria in order to reach the shelves as organic premium goods.
Only one of the distinguishing features is e.g. the higher yield of premium goods.


The final consumer can choose between organic and organic premium goods only if he learns about the trade through the distinguishing features.

What makes out premium goods.
Criteria to discern premium quality from standard goods.

Cultivation Sideritis scardica:
All our plantation sites are completely covered by water- and air-permeable weed control fabric in order to prevent both soil dehydration and the growth of weed...

...plants are prevented from being contaminated by soil particles due to spray water caused by rain. Hence, our crop is free of dust and gurantees unlimited drinking pleasure. Each sip, a pleasure trip!

...during extreme hot summer months the plantation sites are protected from drying out, providing a steady growth.

Irritation sites guard against crop failure and stunted growth during extreme drought periods. Consistency and a steady crop quality are ensured.


Harvest, Processing and Preparation:

Sideritis: Plants are harvested manually and individually. The separation of too many leaves, premature umbles and stalks, the chopping of plants to a standard length as well as a meticulous manual selection process ensure premium quality.

The predominant use of plants with mature umbels being the main flavouring source of the Sideritis along with a natural and sparing drying process without any artificial heat supply result in its savoury mild and somewhat lemony taste, combined with a maximum yield.

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