You will find an aerial image of our tea plantation at

There is not only tea growing on our tea plantation!

 We deliberately refrain from using the whole stretch of land
available to us in order to give room to the manifold flora so
that it can naturally unfold.
We have been asked several times why we don't use these areas
as tea plantations as well. Our answer:

We have made this area arable for us. Hence, we owe Nature
the necessary space to further unfold at this place.

It takes a lot of work to keep our tea plantations in balance
with the virgin landscape. Flora is thriving perfectly on the field
edges around our areas under cultivation. As a result, a huge
biological diversity has found a home here.
It is a filling station for bees, wild bees, bumblebees and many
other insects. They feel at ease here... and so do we!



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