Cistus incanus, organic wild harvest

According to the statutes of organic certification
any wild harvest may endanger neither the natural
environment's stability nor the preservation of
species in the collecting areas.
By applying our appropriate method of harvesting we

support the plant in its growth: at harvest time we

professionally trim back plants in a way that, strength-
ened by new shoots, they move on to the next
period of
growth. Special test harvests have proven
our strategy
to be very successful, and it has also been
affirmed by
the forestry authority.

The classic Cistus tea predominantly appears on the
market in a chopped version, with a high percentage
of wooden stalks. The numerous polyphenols,
are located in the leaves – not in the stalks. See also...


Our Cistus is very high quality, it is of branches
and stems have been cleaned. See photo on the right.

This results in a very good price-quantity ratio.

is for this reason that we offer our Cistus incanus as loose leaf tea, with only a very small percentage of wooden stalks. In so doing we can ensure a higher yield and no woody overtone will impair the tea's flavour. 

On order to avoid an untimely evaporating of essential oils being valuable ingredients we store our Cistus as a sheet product and not in a chopped version. This protects the ingredients.
Larger surfaces mean fewer fracture and cut edges wherever oxidation occurs and ingredients, e.g. essential oils as well as colors, get lost.

preparation of our tea requires multiple additional working steps making it much more complex. See next chapter.


it comes to processing we put special emphasis on the modus operandi to keep the dried goods from as much stressful influences as possible. The dried herbs pass through coarse-meshed sieves first and then on to finely woven ones to strain out the woody stalk parts. Proper storage provided (dry, protected from light and air) its distinct flavour will be left unchanged even after a period of two years.

Our loose leaf tea is the ideal basis – perfectly suited for your premium goods „chopped“ or „rubbed“! Or just leave it as loose leaf tea.


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