...after the 2018 Cistus Harvest

This year, we started harvesting the Cistus by the end
of June / beginning of July. Weather conditions were fine
and there were no summer rain showers interrupting
Harvest takes place during the hot time of day, between
11 and 16 h. In so doing we can guarantee that resins
are also covered. Due to the heat resins rise to the
leaves in order to serve as a protective shield keeping
the leaves from untimely drying out.
The crop gets transported to the drying hall located in
Koryfes and then spread on racks to slowly dry at an
appropriate temperature and humidity.
Once the drying process is completed the dry leaves will
be separated from the stalks and afterwards cleared of
the woody stalks and petiols by using different finely woven sieves.

After completion of the selection process the Cistus will be stored in cartons to rest for several more weeks. Only at the time of order it will be packed ready for shipping.



see here:

Separation of leaves from the stalks

after the first selection

the stalks without leaves

the Cistus is put on a coarse jigger screen

after the first screening

Cistus in drum sieve (click on video)

rejects in drum sieve

end product: loose leaf tea

These images shall give you an impression of the Cistus incanus.
Do not hesitate to ask for our free sample!

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